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300 dpi CD cover image

300 dpi CD cover image


"The Well" One Sheet - also available as a PDF file

After a five year wait, the enigmatic Megan Reilly returns from our last ghostly encounter with her captivating music to present us with a new album that holds a creative leap born of great, unexpected personal transformation. Megan's countrified Memphis roots and subsequent New York City escape still underpin her music, music which resounds with her "delightful combination of vulnerability and Southern grace" (Dallas Observer). But The Well holds a treasure chest of surprises. Megan's country-tinged coo and warble can still turn on a dime to a hair-raising growl. For the first time, though, her musi- cal tone and lyrical focus at times portray an urgent sense of hope wrought by love. Shockingly to all, not the least Megan Reilly, it is love that spawns her greatest work: "To Seal My Love." It is a plaintive lullaby quickly shifting gears into roaring, triumphant, anthemic majesty that fully envelopes, overwhelms, and warms.

During her hiatus, Megan had a child, moved out of New York, learned to bake and quilt, and became fully domesticated. Fear not. She hasn't gone soft or forgotten how to write the songs that captured our hearts in the first place.

A rich and carefully chosen metaphor, The Well can be a deep place of impenetrable darkness, fear, and mystery, a place that does not relinquish its visitors. In these depths, Megan Reilly again bravely faces off with the specter of existential dark- ness. With her band of aces, Steven Goulding (d-Mekons), James Mastro (g-Health and Happiness Show, Bongos), and Tony Maimone (b-Pere Ubu), Megan still conjures an enveloping cross between emotive Irish fatalism and Southern Gothic macabre. She still comfortably camps in these darkest of corners. "The Lady of Leitrim," filled with Lenny Kaye's (Patti Smith Group) singularly ethereal riffs, haunts us long after The Lady disappears, and as an arrow punctures Megan's heart, her lit- tle "Little Angel" flies away before its time. But her surprising cover of Iris Dement's plaintive "After You're Gone" portends new directions. Upon this song's foundation of pain, Megan finds the strength to face Death's sting and still hold onto love.

Following her long dark night of the soul, no one was more surprised than Megan to find that The Well is simultaneously a place of creativity and redemption. The Well's resident muse offers up blindingly beautiful gems like her obliquely enigmatic "To Seal My Love," that again delivers Lenny Kaye's indispensable shimmer. Maybe old friend like John Wesley Harding receives his own visit from the The Well's muse and is handed an earworm of a duet, "Old Man and the Bird." Once discov- ered, the muse of The Well can lead you out the darkness once and for all.

"Let Your Ghost Go" One Sheet - also available as a PDF file

Do you believe in ghosts? The kind that come to you in strange dreams or during sleepless nights? In a foreign city where a day feels like a year? In front of a blank sheet of paper? Or driving alone down the highway? These are the ghosts that roam the spaces between loved ones and strangers, hope and despair.

Megan Reilly believes in ghosts, and on her second full-length release, she sings to them. She takes them on and questions them and gives them the respect they deserve. These songs are beautifully haunted. At their core is her voice that moves before you know it from a whisper to a wail and back again. It’s a voice that draws you in and breaks your heart, then makes you want more.

If each note sung tells a story, then that story is made even more compelling by Reilly’s stellar group of all-star musicians. Steve Goulding (Mekons, Graham Parker & the Rumour, Waco Brothers, Laura Cantrell) on drums, Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) on bass, Tim Foljahn (Two Dollar Guitar, Cat Power, Townes Van Zandt) on guitar, and Eric Morrison (Home) on piano -- these players bring to the music their vast experience and acute sensitivity. Guests include Ted Reichman (Marc Ribot, Emigre, Tzadik) on accordion, James Mastro (Healthy & Happiness Show, Ian Hunter, Bongos) on guitar, Jean Cook (Ida, Assif Tsahar) on violin, and Jenny Morrison (Home) on backing vocals and clarinet.

Sue Garner (Thrill Jockey, Run On) produces and brings rich textures to the recording, stark dynamics, and intensified emotional power. Years ago, back in Memphis, Megan first heard Sue play at a Run On show. She was wowed. She awkwardly slipped Sue a rough tape of her songs. Doesn’t any young soul shyly long for their heroes to hear what they’re up to? Ten years later, the two women spent hours and hours and days and days putting these songs together with passion and care. A great friendship and collaboration was born. They enlisted the expert John McEntire (TORTOISE) to mix at his Soma Electronic Music Studios, and the result is something very special indeed.

“ Let Your Ghost Go” is a giant leap by Megan Reilly, both musically and thematically, into the world where music and life meet. Where a song can speak to a secret place in the back of your mind. This is the world that Megan cares about. It’s a world of emotion and memory and gorgeous sounds. It’s the mysterious world of human contemplation and expression and harmony. It’s the world of Megan’s Reilly’s ghosts.

Press words on 2003’s Arc of Tessa:

With a languid sense of melody and a throaty soprano cloaked in mystique...Reilly exudes souther gothicism at nearly every turn...Arc of Testa brings to mind an array of reference points, among them Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star and Abra Moore. -No Depression

Deeply reflective and darkly languorous, undergirded with drama that never fully rises to the top. -Pop Culture Press

Appealing all the way around, with gentle countrified ballads.-Bitch

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On A Plane
Night Time

From Arc of Tessa (saki035)
With You
He Is

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300 dpi CD cover image

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"The Well" will be released on Carrot Top Records on April 24, 2012.
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