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Want to send in an unsolicited demo? READ THIS FIRST

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Unsolicited Demo Submissions
Since Carrot Top Records is a VERY small label, the chances of getting signed as a new artist from an unsolicited demo submission are less than minuscule. This is not to say that your music isn't good, or even great, or that we don't or won't like it. We like lots of music. We just don't release all of it. The record collection is full of records loved but not released. Because of time and financial constraints, we are only able to release 2-3 records a year on average. While we don't even have time to listen to all of the demo submissions or respond to all queries that we get, rumors of unearthing an unopened demo from an early version of Radiohead are greatly exaggerated.

Barring a winning lottery ticket and a massive change in taste here, we are not interested in releasing rap, urban contemporary, lite jazz, teen pop, commercial alternative rock, metal, punk rock, eighth wave ska, and other currently profitable genres, but if you have unreleased Lee Perry tapes from the 60's and 70's, of course we'd love to hear those.

Again, when you do not hear back from us, don't take it personally. We don't hate you or your music. We're just very busy sweeping up the warehouse.

The Last Word
Any unsolicited demo you send is of your own volition and will not be returned to you. Please do not expect a response for either your demo submission or your e-mail query about your demo. We are not able to respond to submissions. There are no plans to work with any new artists for the forseeable future or to increase our release schedule. Please read this page carefully and then read it again. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Privacy Policy
Neither Carrot Top Records, Inc., nor CTD, Ltd. will ever share or otherwise disclose any personal information gathered from any customer or visitor to our web sites with any other party unless we sell the company.

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