PaperMag premiere new Speck Mountain track “Lies”

Culture heavy-hitter PaperMag premiered a new, non-LP Speck Mountain track called Lies. The track will be available on iTunes later this week. Listen below!

“We’re happy to unveil non-LP b-side Lies, which pulls off the old Velvet Underground trick (perhaps derived from Indian raga) of building tension between a battering-ram bassline and a one-note high-end drone.” - PaperMag

Purple premieres film collaboration between Speck Mountain x Jem Goulding x Gael Foucher

Renowned French culture and fashion magazine Purple premiered the film collaboration of Speck Mountain x Jem Goulding x Gael Foucher. They share a heartbreaking story about collaborator Gael Foucher and the process of how this film came together. Watch the video below. Read the full story here.

“A symbolic song sent to [Jem] Goulding by Speck Mountain…making the project one of fated synchronicity and the unknown.” - Purple

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