Neko Case loves The Handsome Family

In the latest installment of’s “5-10-15-20” Neko Case gives a shout out to The Handsome Family, and their role in her move to Chicago at the age of 30.

“I moved to Chicago when I was 30, and I was listening to the Handsome Family a lot. I wasn’t finding an embracing music scene in Seattle, and Chicago had a community feeling that reminded me of Canada. I had a job animating shadows for animated commercials—like the Trix Rabbit—which was awesome. I colored things in on a computer and did pencil tests. I was doing the manual labor of the animation. I’m proud to have done it. That’s the last day job I ever had.

I didn’t think I was a musician until I was about 32, probably—it’s such a sacred thing to me that I didn’t feel worthy of calling myself that. But then I realized I didn’t have any day jobs because I had to quit them all because I was on tour all the time. When tax time came, I thought, “I’m paying taxes as a musician, so I think I can call myself one.”

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