RIP Saki Adams 1989-2004

Saki was the first gift I ever gave Julia. We named her Saki because she acted like she was drunk when she was a tiny kitten.

I will miss her flipping milk rings (“Saki Top” is sung to the tune of “Rocky Top”) into the air with her toe and pouncing on them when they landed.

Playing with a cork in her Saki Box version of Whack-A-Mole. Walking on my head, and then joining me in the bathroom every morning for my shower. Drinking out of my glass of water even when she had her own 6″ away.

Watching the Bears on TV. Sprawling out on my jeans. Nipping me when I gave her too much love. Running around with big tail. Bathing Tejabindu. She was the cat no. for my label and she was our first child. We miss her very much.

Saki left Tuesday,
Much too soon for all of us.
We will miss her terribly.

Pet me when I want.
Please do not ever hold me.
I love you even though.