The Naysayer

The Naysayer is the home of the bare songs of Anna Padgett. Sadness and self-deprecating humor alternate with a rollicking “shove-it-up-your-ass” attitude. Anna’s delicate guitar playing is complimented by sparse arrangements of varied instruments.

The Naysayer was first born to Anna and Cynthia Nelson (Retsin, Ruby Falls). For Deathwhisker (Carrot Top, 2000), and Heaven, Hell, or Houston (Carrot Top, 2002), Anna was joined by Cynthia as well as Tara Jane O’Neil (TJO, Retsin, Rodan). Rowdy pop songs teamed up with minimalist ballads to tell Anna’s stories in a concise, harrowing, and sometimes absurd voice.

Despite Anna’s Texas upbringing, the Naysayer loves country. Thus Pure Beauty (Carrot Top, 2003), the band’s third release, was shamelessly countrified, with pedal steel, tragic narratives, and a title track dedicated to Anna’s then-boyfriend’s manhood. This EP marked the Naysayer’s final collaboration with Cynthia, and the beginning of the “Dudu Nation” phase of the band – featuring Karla Schickele (Ida, k.) and Miggy Littleton (White Magic, Blood on the Wall).

In 2004, Anna discovered a scientific, measurement-based method for determining when to get a new kitten, and documented her research on a new full-length. Kitten Time (Red Panda) was engineered by James Jim Baluyut (+/-, Versus), and included new Naysayers Elizabeth Venable (“the Bubble,”) and Geoff Soule (“Tom,” or “Rosa, the Mexican Weaving Woman”) from the band Fuck. It turned out that Kendall Jane Meade (Mascott, Sparklehorse) also had extensive knowledge of this new science; Kitten Time was thus released on her new label, Red Panda Records.

Today the Naysayer consists of Anna alone, with any combination of the people above, and/or many other great players with their own bands. A new record is in the works.