Carrot Top Records Closing Up Shop

Dear CTR Faithful,

We’ve come a long way together since this all started, almost by accident, in our little second floor apartment on N. Greenview Avenue in Chicago. It was supposed to be just one release, just a way to get The Coctails’ music out to the newly digitizing masses that they eschewed. And yet, here we all are, united by fantastic musicians, my weird taste, and your willingness not only to go along with it, but to support it with your hard-earned dollars.

The last eight years have been rough ones. We’ve all held hands and tried to brave the dark and stormy seas together. We’ve been creative. We’ve talked to other musicians and labels who have had success. We’ve spent money. We’ve hired big shots. We’ve not spent money and done it ourselves. Sadly, nothing we could figure out to do moved the needle enough to recoup our expenses on most of these releases, which also means that most of the bands only saw money from their direct sales. Frankly, I have no answers for any of this. I’m out of ideas, and I’m out of energy to try to unearth new ones.

So, the right thing to do for us, and for our artists, is to shut down the label and return the masters back to the lovely geniuses who created them. They’re all smart people, and they’ll all figure out a way forward that works for them. Hopefully, without us in the middle, maybe they can make a little something. Please support them, as we intend to do, but as fans instead of business partners.

If you’d like anything from our catalog, please purchase by the end of this week. We’ll take down the Buy buttons next Monday, November 21. Our digital catalog will also be coming down any minute now. We hope and trust that the artists will get all of this stuff back up for you to buy directly from them or another party at some point, but when, where, and how will be up to them.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this tiny experiment in music and commerce, and especially for supporting the special musicians who were generous enough to trust us with their transcendent music. It’s mostly been a blast, and it would never have happened without all of you.

Thank you.