Antietam playing Outskirts fest Oct 10-12th in Louisville!



The Louisville Outskirts Festival is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run weekend of musical performances, educational workshops, and community building. The festival seeks to encourage, support, inspire, and highlight the music made by women* of Louisville’s independent music scene as well as showcase influential and inspiring musicians selected from other parts of the country and world. The Outskirts Festival aims to demonstrate that female musicians are complex and multifaceted artists. We have many different points of view to express, musical influences that have shaped us, and diverse experiences that we have lived. We hope that our festival will shatter stereotypes about what “women’s music” is. ”


The Handsome Family’s US tour is heating up

A sketch of THF at the Englert Theater in Iowa City by Dmitry Samarov.


The Louisville, KY Courier-Journal urges you to ‘hear The Handsome Family’s dark love’ this Friday at the Decca Cellar Lounge.

“I really enjoy the process of honing down a story to its essential elements,” Rennie said. “[…]I like that idea where a song is just like a snapshot of a story and there’s a lot of space for mystery. I like when things are a little unclear. It’s good for your brain. I’m not interested in stories that make too much sense — there’s no room for dreaming.”

Check out the full story here.


Andrew Bird to cover the Handsome Family for new record!

We are so honored and excited to have Andrew cover the Handsome Family. More details below!


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